Wakairchiro’s Second Match

The young rikishi from Texas faced his second opponent on day 4 of the Hatsu basho, and this time it was a real contest. In his match with Japanese Jonokuchi wrestler Narutake, Wakaichiro lost by yorikiri, in what was primarily a pushing / thrusting match.

What was good to see was that Wakaichiro stayed fighting and kept his composure, in spite of Narutake’s relentless nodowa choke hold. The deciding moment came when Wakaichiro went for Narutake’s mawashi, and lost his balance. From there it was simple for Narutake to stand him upright and march him off the dohyo.

Sumo’s lowest division, Jonokuchi, is all about giving fresh recruits a chance to learn and compete. Wakaichiro’s size and strength give him a distinct advantage in this division, but his technique will be rough for a while.


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