Japanese Emperor Akihito Attends Hatsu Opening Day


New Years Visit with Empress Michiko

On the opening day of the 2017 Hatsu basho, his highness Emperor Akihito and Empress Michiko were present in the royal box at the Kokugikan. The fans in attendance, as always, presented the royal couple with an enthusiastic welcome.

3 thoughts on “Japanese Emperor Akihito Attends Hatsu Opening Day

  1. Censorship of the emperor’s image on Chinese channel “live qq” was so crude that it was really funny to watch!

      • Yes !!! His arrival by car, his walk in the Kokugikan, his greetings to the public… everything was covered with a picture of a girl playing baseball ! (his wife was spared, though ^^). And today I realized they did the same with the NHK news presenter at 5pm…


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