YDC Soken Held This Week


Kotoshougiku, Kisenosato and Harumafuji Look Injured

This week, the Yokozuna Deliberation Committee (横綱審議委員会) held their “invitation only” practice to review rikishi performance, and decide what criteria might be levied for Yokozuna contenders. During these meetings, the top men of sumo conduct practice bouts for the committee, and it is seen as a preview of the readiness of the upper level Makuuchi two weeks prior to the start of the basho.

In general the reaction of the YDC Chairman Moriya was positive for a change, he stated that everyone looked to be putting forth a full effort this time.  He stated: “Today was good. Everyone showed great spirit and that does not happen much..

Kotoshougiku was 0-4 in this practice session, and seems to still be struggling with his injuries. Likewise, Yokozuna Harumafuji seems to still be bothered by ankle and knee problems, in continuation of the trouble he had in Kyushu. Kisenosato went for 8 bouts, but stopped complaining of pain.

Hakuhou went 10 straight bouts with Shodai, giving him the “Roomba treatment” winning all 10 as Shodia got a close look at the quality of the clay and sand on the YDC dohyo.

Then there was Kakuryū, who was like some wild, possessed beast. He was practically unstoppable, and at one point sent Goeido crashing into the front row of tables, breaking a teacup. Kakuryū seems to be continuing his strong run from Kyushu. Goeido finished the session 6-4 in spite of being Kakuryū’s bowling ball for one match.

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