Hatsu Story 1 – The Return of Osunaarashi


Egyptian Sumotori Returns to Upper Division

Osunaarashi had a rough 2016. After being a mainstay of Makuuchi for several years, Osunaarashi sat out Hatsu last year with injuries, after going kyung at the end of the the 2015 Kyushu tournament. As a result he was demoted down to Juryo for the Osaka tournament. He charged back hard, winning the Juryo championship, and a prompt return to the upper ranks.

Then Osunaarashi sat out with injuries again for Nagoya, and was again demoted to Juryo. He continued to struggle with injuries, and has not had a full attendance for either of the Aki 2016 or Kyushu 2016 tournaments.

In spite of his winning record in Kyushu, it seemed unlikely that he would make much of a rise from is Kyushu Juryo 6 ranking. But wonders and surprises were rolled into the Christmas Banzuke announcement. In spite of the odds, Osunaarashi has been given a spot at the very bottom of Makuuchi.

Can he withstand the punishment of the top division? Will he be able to stay healthy and finish the tournament? We look forward to seeing the big Egyptian give it his all.

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