Hatsu Banzuke Live!


It’s not just Christmas day in the west, it’s also the day we get the first look at the ranking sheet for the highly anticipated January tournament in Tokyo.


Notable fun elements:

  • Kisenosato back at Ozeki 1E, after Goeido’s Shimpan fueled collapse
  • Shodai gets his turn at Sekiwake, as many anticipated
  • Takayasu hangs onto Sanyaku while Tochinoshin rises to join him as Komusubi
  • Mitakeumi holds tough at Maegashira 1, I was expecting a more dramatic demotion for him
  • Ishiura levitates to Maegashira 9
  • Osunaarashi the Egyptian returns to the upper division at Maegashira 16.  Given his devotion to sumo no matter what the cost, this is a welcome reward to see him once again in Makuuchi.


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