Kyushu Day 14 Results

Now that Santa pictures are over, I’ve got some time to wrap up the rest of Day 14 action. Kakuryu’s yusho is a lock and Goeido’s yokozuna hopes are dashed. Kisenosato’s sleeper run was put to an end the day before, so Terunofuji caught him in a bad mood; he’s lucky the veteran had not been able to wrap the mawashi around his neck rather than just up to his man boobs. Kotoshogiku’s continued presence is a bit of a puzzle to me. If he were injured, kyujo would have been a good option days ago. Today he just faced the ignominy of falling flat on his face, victim of an Aoiyama henka.

Other Notable Matches

Hidenoumi got knocked out by Kotoyuki. It was a tense several minutes as he laid still on the dohyo. Kotoyuki’s right paw caught got him under the chin and he was out cold. The scariest bit is the way he fell as his right knee seemed to twist. Several yobidashi scurried to help but I’m not sure how much medical assistance these guys are prepared to provide. There needs to be more medical attention ready ringside.

Gagamaru really wanted his kachi-koshi. I think Tochinoshin was the most surprised that he couldn’t beat his fellow Georgian. Endo just got flat beat by Tochiozan and will be battling a hot Tamawashi for his winning record. Given his performance in the first week, I would hope he’d be in the running for a special prize. Gotta meet friends for dinner…will finish later tonight.


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