Tochinoshin defeats Kisenosato


This turns out to have been the lynch-pin match for the multi-way playoff this weekend that so many sumo fans were hoping for. In what was really quite a nice effort by Tochinoshin (available on video from Jason’s All Sumo Channel here) we saw the big Ozeki finally overwhelmed in a massive display of strength sumo.

After some initial pushing that would probably have floored a rhino, the two men went chest to chest with Tochinoshin establishing a right hand inside grip. From there it was straight up high end yotsu sumo. They took each other to the tawara, they each tried throws, but eventually Tochinoshin was able to topple Kisenosato sideways at the edge. Let’s think about that. Tochinoshin was able to man-handle about 400 pounds of sumotori. If Tochinoshin gets bored with sumo, he should consider a career in the railroad industry… as a locomotive.

With this loss, Kisenosato is out of contention for the yusho. He put forth a massive and impressive effort this basho, and it’s really good to see him maintain his sumo. Sadly Kisenosato’s career is full of losses at the crucial moment – where he snatches defeat from the jaws of victory.


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