Kakuryu defeats Hakuho


Yokozuna Kakuryu Closes On Yusho.

Sumo fans where hoping, praying perhaps, for a multi-way playoff this weekend to decide the final tournament of 2016. Chief among these was we needed Hakuho to defeat Kakuryu. Kakuryu had other plans.

The match was all Kakuryu, and it’s quite clear that Hakuho needs more recovery and recuperation time after his surgeries in September. The instincts and skill are still there, but his body is not quite up to the task yet. Another great video from Jason’s All Sumo Channel shows all.

With this win, it’s almost certain that Yokozuna Kakuryu will secure the tournament championship. It’s a welcome change from the prior performance of Kakuryu, who had been frequently discussed as a candidate for early retirement, due to his lackluster performance.


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