Makuuchi Mostly Former Sanyaku

We’ve been talking a lot recently about promotions and demotions. Generally as we wonder how long we will have the current Yokozuna and Ozeki match up. It hit me the other day that many of the current makuuchi have at some point been sanyaku. Of the current makuuchi, 26 wrestlers have at some point been sanyaku, 16 have not achieved the rank of Komusubi. Perhaps the most prolific of the current batch of non-champions is Myogiryu. He’s been Sekiwake for a total of 8 tournaments; three times he’s been Sekiwake for consecutive tournaments. With all these veterans, throw some young up-and-comers into the mix (Ishiura, Hidenoumi & Hokutofuji, to Shodai & Endo) and we get some great matches, even in the lower reaches of the division. Gagamaru, Chiyotairyu, Chiyoootori have all been komusubi but are fighting to stay out of Juryo.

One thought on “Makuuchi Mostly Former Sanyaku

  1. It does seem that almost everyone gets a turn in (at minimum) Komusubi at some point. My dear wife says that Komusubi is ancient Ainu for “punching bag”, as it’s very seldom that any of these guys can muster a winning record during a tournament, and are quickly demoted.

    If we cast our gaze around the current crop, we can see (as of day 8)

    Sekiwake Okinoumi: 2-6
    Sekiwake Takayasu: 4-4
    Komusubi Mitakeumi: 1-7
    Komusubi Tamawashi: 5-3

    So only 1 has a winning record. In fact the total number of wins vs losses for this group

    12 – 20

    And most of that is because Tamawashi has been on a hot streak.


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