Yokozuna Deliberation Council Meeting – Goeido?


Promotion Requires A Second Yusho With At Least 13 Wins

If I read this correctly, it seems that shortly after Aki completed, the Yokozuna Deliberation Council met to discuss Goeido’s Zensho-Yusho, and what it might mean for a 72nd Yokozuna.

Article from the NHK News below (pardon any translation errors)


Roughly, Goeido would be considered for promotion to Yokozuna if he takes a second straight Yusho, with at least 13 wins. That’s a high bar indeed, but at least the sumo fans know what it would take to see a Japanese Yokozuna in 2016.

Frankly, I would prefer they not fast-track Goeido, as we have seen some less than stellar results from Ozeki given their rope without a consistent long-term history of high performance. With Hakuho possibly returning for November, we will once again see the dynamics that have kept the ranks fairly static for several years.

Good luck to Goeido, with grave condolences to Kisenosato.

One thought on “Yokozuna Deliberation Council Meeting – Goeido?

  1. Kotoshogiku was in the same position earlier this year after his historic “win” in January and kadoban again quickly. With Goeido, we’ll see.


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