More “Sumopedia” Videos

I’ve gone back to the NHK highlights website and found they’ve uploaded several more Sumopedia videos worth watching. My only gripe is that the videos are 2 minutes when each topic so far is worthy of much longer documentaries. I found the video about gyoji to have several interesting facts that I didn’t know, particularly their role in purifying the dohyo before the tournament. If I were producing these, a video on the dohyo would be the first I’d make since it’s where the fights take place.

3 thoughts on “More “Sumopedia” Videos

  1. As someone getting back into Sumo thanks to what little is now on NHK World, I completely agree that the Sumo association and NHK have a lot of room to improve in the global promotion and marketing of Sumo. The format and competition of Sumo is compelling and consumable by the world, and I can only hope that at some point they realize it, and decide to put it forward as a global sport.

    On the mean time – thanks for fishing out that these things are on the web!

  2. I don’t know if you had the opportunity to listen to the NHK radio broadcast called “The Appeal of Grand Sumo for Foreign Wrestlers”. Part 1 is about Kaisei, and part 2 is about Amuru and Osunaarashi (2 x 12 minutes on Radio Japan). Very interesting!


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