Harumafuji & Kisenosato: Who Wants It Most?

Hakuho and Kisenosato move into the lead. They also face each other today. I’m pretty excited because I’ll be able to watch live on TV. I won’t be in Nagoya until Sunday but I’ll watch from here in Tokyo. I was on the train yesterday for the makuuchi bouts so thanks, as always, to the fan videos for catching me up. If Kisenosato wins this tournament, we’ll likely have a new yokozuna. It’s a great time to be here.

Day 13 and Harumafuji is yet to face any Ozeki. He was way too fast for Kaisei today, throwing him to the side after a quick tachiai. He can’t face his stablemate Terunofuji, so he’ll have Goeido tomorrow and Hakuho on Sunday. Shodai’s a very strong up-and-comer. He was able to drive Kisenosato to the edge but the ozeki was able to brace and shove Shodai off balance to the right and pick up the yorikiri win.

Hakuho lost to an injury-depleted Terunofuji after a weird almost-henka-invisible-matta-redo fiasco. I didn’t see a false start. I thought both hands were down for both rikishi but the gyoji called matta. So, Hakuho eased up and they did it again. On the second try, Terunofuji was ready but he definitely didn’t face the best from Hakuho. Am I expected to believe that an 80% Terunofuji with a left hand belt grip would be able to spin and push Hakuho straight off the south edge like that? Guess so, but I sure don’t think Hakuho’s 100%.


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