Exciting Matches, Dramatic Yusho Race: Hakuho, Harumafuji, Kisenosato, Takayasu

I love the fact that we’re now more than half-way through the tournament and we’ve still got four leaders and a further four wrestlers one loss off pace. Today lived up to its billing with several great bouts. When I see that the On-Demand highlight show is available, I’ll post the link. In the meantime, enjoy the fan vid from Kintamayama. Harumafuji had his hands full with the young Shodai but prevailed in a thriller. Terunofuji had just scraped by with a win against the Tasmanian Devil, energizing the crowd, when the yokozuna and maegashira squared off.

Screenshot (208)
Shodai Counters the Brutal Nodowa

Harumafuji lunged forcefully with an effective nodowa, momentarily surging forward until a quick chop from Shodai’s left hand dislodged the vise-like grip. Shodai then pivoted and pulled the Mongolian to the edge where Harumafuji’s expert footwork kept him inside the dohyo. The back-and-forth finally ended after he spun Shodai backwards, slapped him as he turned around, then propelled the pair off the dohyo with full force. One heck of an entertaining yorikiri.

Ichinojo fell off pace by virtue of a stunning effort from Chiyonokuni. Kaisei needs to earn his kachikoshi as he’s benefited from two fusen default victories. He was effective against Mitakeumi but will face a challenge in Tochiozan tomorrow. Sadly, Kotoyuki and Endo are winless and now officially makekoshi.



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