Tochinoshin, Mitakeumi Awarded Special Prizes

Tochinoshin was awarded the technique prize and Mitakeumi won the Fighting Spirit prize. I can’t help but think that Endo would have won a prize if he’d been able to win today.

In another story line, Kaisei beat an unmotivated Tochiozan easily to get his kachi-koshi and likely promotion to sekiwake for the July tournament. All I have got to say after this one is, Yeesh…. Tochiozan looked like Marcus Davis on a called run. He took today off. Ikioi would have brought it.

One thought on “Tochinoshin, Mitakeumi Awarded Special Prizes

  1. Tochinoshin wins the gino-sho with a broken rib cartilage… wow… that’s pure strength from Caucasus !!!


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