Terunofuji Wants Early Retirement

It’s the only way I can explain his decision not to sit out the rest of the tournament. Plainly, he wasn’t able to drive through Yoshikaze and get a yorikiri. That seemed to be his game plan but Yoshikaze got him spun around and from there the pressure was on Terunofuji to just stay in bounds. Yoshikaze couldn’t pick the ozeki up over the straw bales but he didn’t need to as Teru-no-knees fell over.

5 thoughts on “Terunofuji Wants Early Retirement

  1. If he is planning on retiring, then the more he participates, the more money he’ll get when he leaves. He has the rank to stay and work as a coach, but he will not have the money to buy a share of stock to own or run a stable.


    • He’s losing kenshokin every day, though you bring up an interesting point. Do wrestlers get paid at all when they’re kyujo? I’d always assumed paid sick leave?


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