Kisenosato Over Kotoshogiku, Stays On Pace

Kotoshogiku’s knee seemed to buckle after a minute of waltzing with Kisenosato. Hakuho handed Terunofuji his makekoshi, hopefully ending the young ozeki’s tournament. My guess, he bounces back to a miraculous 8 wins in the next tournament on those struggling knees. Anyone willing to take me up on that bet? I’m almost willing to put actual money on it.

Screenshot (190)
Endo worked Mitakeumi over the edge

On a more positive note, Endo v Mitakeumi was a great bout between two young guns. The back-and-forth tussle between the two looked to go either way at several points. However, Endo’s right hand grip on Mitakeumi’s belt proved effective. With the victory, Endo’s on his way back. If both stay healthy, this promises to become a great rivalry.


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