Kotoshogiku Gets Henka’d, Again

I’d venture to say the odds of Ikioi trying that tomorrow are about 2,000,000,000:1. Has Ikioi EVER tried to pull off a henka? I’m serious. If anyone can remember Ikioi trying a henka, please leave a note in the comments. It will be hilarious if he did one in March and I just have terrible memory.

I’m enjoying this tournament a lot so far. No one in the lower maegashira is seriously outclassed and belongs in Juryo. Yoshikaze is definitely under performing. Three tournaments in sanyaku have taken their toll and he’ll probably welcome a little drop in rank. I wonder if there’s a nagging issue with him. The only clearly walking wounded is Terunofuji.

Shodai is the only one who’s definitely punching above his weight but it’s his first time being thrown in with the sharks. The last few tournaments the sanyaku punching bag has been winless through 6. Last tournament it was Takayasu at M1W. In January it was Aoiyama at M2W. In November it was Okinoumi at M1W, Sadanofuji before that M2W. Sadanofuji ended up 2-13 that tournament and dropped into Juryo after garnering a mere 4 wins in the next tournament. The sekiwake through M3 ranks are rough.

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