Kyokutenho Retirement Ceremony

Kyokutenho celebrated his retirement in a ceremony today. Hakuho and Asashoryu were on hand, helping to cut the top-knot of the yusho winning former sekiwake.

His official Twitter account, had this tweet:


ワイドナショー Segment on Ura

Screenshot (200)
“Downtown” comedian Hitoshi Matsumoto

This variety show is one of my wife’s favorite shows. She’s a fan of Hitoshi Matsumoto, the blond comedian (you’ll probably recognize him from “Silent Library”). They get asked questions and this one had to do with whether they thought Ura would become yokozuna. They hedge, noting it’s very difficult to become yokozuna but it’s an interesting segment. They show clips from his bouts, including an infamous one from his Juryo debut in the May tournament when he beat Dewahayate by koshinage. The best clips come from his bouts when he was a scrawny little kid, like when he flips the much larger kid. They also talk about his wrestling and gymnastic background. One of the featured guests also brings up Satoyama & Ishiura as guys that break the mold like Mainoumi. Yes, this is in Japanese but I think you can still get the gist and enjoy the segment if you don’t understand Japanese.

Hakuho’s Perfect While Injured

sp-sumo-a-20160523-870x620Hakuho’s legend grows by the match. His intensity, almost ruthlessness, in the ring is an utmost virtue in American athletics. You do what you need to do win, within the rules, of course…unless you’re the Patriots. He revealed that a nagging injury returned in the third match but he was still able to persevere and go undefeated. The guy is amazing. If Hakuho were an NFL team, he’d be the Montana/Young 49ers + Aikman Cowboys + Favre Packers. In Japan, a senshuraku henka controversy counts as the scandalous equivalent of texting dick pics to a masseuse (bad joke context).