May 2016: Banzuke

There’s a lot of movement in this month’s banzuke as all sekiwake and komusubi from March were demoted going a combined 17-43. As a result, the Summer tournament will see three rikishi in their highest ever ranks: Kotoyuki’s flying high as East Sekiwake, while Ikioi and Kaisei leapfrog Okinoumi behind their impressive double-digit wins.

It’s been nearly four years since Kaisei last peaked at top maegashira. He has yet to garner a kachi-koshi winning record at a rank higher than M6. I hope he clings around in the upper ranks. I’ve covered Ikioi and Kotoyuki quite a bit in the past so I’ll look more in depth at Kaisei’s record in the next few days and hope to post a profile on him before the weekend. He’s been a bit streaky and a bit disappointing but I honestly hope he’s been biding his time and waiting for a good time to make moves into sanyaku.

Osunaarashi will make a splash at M7 while Endo barely edges back into the makuuchi at M15. I’m going to keep my eye out for Endo banners now that he’s back.