November 2015, Day 11: Kakuryu “Won” One

Our leaders are unchanged. Hakuho beat Kisenosato and Harumafuji slapped the crap out of Tochiozan. It looked like Kisenosato may have had a shot at a hatakikomi win at one point but couldn’t react quickly enough.

I’m sorry, but it looked to me like Kotoshogiku rolled over pretty easy on this one. It was just odd because Giku didn’t even seem to attempt any jack-rabbit thrusts. They clinched, and he “got thrown,” game over.

Goeido effectively lost twice today against Ichinojo, even after the uncalled matta. He will face Harumafuji tomorrow, likely with Yoshikaze, Myogiryu and Tochiozan still to go. It will be hard to pick up 2 wins in there.

Yoshikaze put up a great effort against Terunofuji but all for naught as the one-legged ozeki was able to score a great throw. The most amusing match today was Tochinoshin pulling a henka on Aminishiki. Beautiful.


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