November 2015, Day 8: Hakuho Teases Myogiryu, Stays Perfect

Hakuho seems to enjoy letting guys *think* they’re going to win. At the end of their bout, Myogiryu pulled the yokozuna and it looked like he might deliver a stunning hatakikomi upset. But Hakuho demonstrated incomparable balance to not only allow Myogiryu’s momentum carry the sekiwake out first, the yokozuna stopped his own momentum cold…on one leg.

Kakuryu spun Tochinoshin till the later fell on his butt and Harumafuji sent Toyonoshima off the dohyo to his fifth loss. Toyonoshima and Tochinoshin are still in good position with three wins from their first 8 rough days. This week will ease up and they should get at least five wins this week…anything else will be bonus.

Goeido won his ozeki battle with Terunofuji. One has to wonder at why Terunofuji is even wrestling this tournament. Yes, he might still get his kachi-koshi…but he might not. And for him to get it, it’s likely he’ll have to contest this tournament will into day 13, 14, or 15. He’s an ozeki. I think it would have been better to take this whole tournament off, go kadoban, and then be ready for the next tournament. Even if he had to go kyujo for two tournaments, get demotion to sekiwake, and battle for 10 wins to regain ozeki status, I think the risk would have been better than risking his health further by contesting this tournament.


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