Tai, a symbol of celebration

Tai (sea bream) is a fish that is commonly used at times of celebration because of its bright, red color. In the world of sumo, when a rikishi is promoted to ozeki, pictures of him holding tai are ubiquitous. Recent pictures of Terunofuji, and Goeido from last year, are no exception. In many Asian cultures, red is the color of fortune. For example, the Chinese stock market uses red to signify rising stock prices and green to reflect falling prices – the exact opposite of western exchanges like those in New York.

Picture of Tai at Tonkatsu Restaurant
Picture of Tai at Tonkatsu Restaurant

I found this particular picture at a Tonkatsu restaurant in Kinshi city in Tokyo. The Arcakit mall is just outside the north exit of Kinshicho station. The 10th floor has a whole bunch of restaurants. Near the west end of the mall is this tonkatsu restaurant, called Inaba Wako. Since Kinshicho is one station away from the Kokugikan, it’s pretty common to see sumo related art and souvenirs in the stores and restaurants around the area.

Now, I’m hungry…


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