Nagoya 2015, Day 14: Ichinojo Rolls Over, Will Terunofuji?

The Leaders:

Something’s gotten into Hakuho. Kisenosato had no hope today as the Superzuna rocketed him off the dohyo. Kakuryu had more of a match against Goeido. Goeido had the early edge. He really wanted to pick up that 10th win. In a quick, early surge he pushed Kakuryu to the edge but the Yokozuna was able to use the leverage from the straw bales to counter. Goeido stayed on the attack, though, but Kakuryu seemed to be riding it out. Goeido eventually tried an ill-timed throw because Kakuryu pushed him off the cliff.

The Rest:

I’ve seen Ichinojo toy with Kotoshogiku before. Today was not one of those days. Ichinojo appeared to put no effort into this match, as it’s seemed for a few matches this basho. I had high hopes that seeing Terunofuji’s quick rise would light a spark in him but today he just rolled over for the non-ozeki. I hope Terunofuji is better than that. Kotoshogiku is not a champion. He has no hope of being champion, much less a grand champion. He should be demoted.

If Tochiozan wants to be an ozeki, he needs to win these matches against guys like Kaisei more than matches against yokozuna. He has lost to 2 of 3 maegashira so far. He needs consistency against low-ranked guys but if he wins tomorrow, he’s one step toward an ozeki promotion.


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