Nagoya 2015, Day 9: Tochi From Kochi Upsets Kakuryu, Hakuho Leads Alone

The Leaders:

Hakuho is usually so cool…but today we saw a hostile side we never usually see. He handled Ichinojo with little difficulty but Ichinojo must have said something about his mother. After Hak pushed him over the edge, he gave Ichinojo a good shove to the face, well after the win. The only thing missing was a cream pie.

Tochiozan must have oiled himself up today. Kakuryu clearly had problems trying to get a hold of him. While he struggled, the sekiwake kept their momentum moving Kakuryu backwards and out of the ring.

Terunofuji straight blasted Kisenosato off the dohyo. He nearly threw the senior ozeki twice but each time Kisenosato was able to regain his balance. The last time, though, Terunofuji got him going the wrong way and finally ejected him – bouncy, bouncy – into the front row. Kagamio stays in the running and gets his kachi koshi with a yorikiri win over Homarefuji, who falls to 3-6. He faces a serious test in Amuru tomorrow.

The Rest:

Now, two wrestlers desperate to stay in makuuchi: Kotoyuki and Tokitenku. Kotoyuki took a page out of Oosunaarashi’s playbook and destroyed Satoyama with an aggressive tachiai, aimed right at the head. Tokitenku pulled out the henka/leg sweep, ketaguri, to improve to 4-5.

Amuru is really impressive this tournament. He meet the much larger Toyohibiki head on, even giving up 50 kg, jostled for a two-handed belt grip, then threw him about 6 feet to the left. It took him a long time to get into makuuchi and now I’m beginning to think he’ll be here for a while. Kitataiki, on the other hand, has not been having a good tournament. Two wins coming into today, I’m sure he’d been feeling the pressure to win. But pulling out a henka on a maegashira 13?

I think Endo is back! He gives up 50 kg to Sadanofuji and earns his yorikiri victory. Kyokutenho is going the opposite way. He had nothing against Toyonoshima who hasn’t exactly been burning up the dohyo, either. Chiyotairyu (6-3) jumped out of the gate, startling Tamawashi (3-6), and blasting him over the edge.

Oosunaarashi got Gagamaru off-balance, chasing after a belt grab. Oosunaarashi improves to 6-3 and faces a great Yoshikaze (7-2). Gagamaru falls to 4-5. Aminishiki picked up an important third win against Kyokushuho (3-6). I’m concerned about Ikioi. To me, it looked like he broke his arm in the fall. I hope I’m wrong.

Tochinoshin picked up an important third win against Takarafuji, who falls to 1-8 with Ikioi, getting his make koshi. Tochinoshin battled with Uncle Muscles for a good while but timed his surge at the right time. He picked Takarafuji a meter off the floor and dropped him over the bales. Tochinoshin battles Ichinojo tomorrow! Takarafuji faces Kakuryu. Kotoshogiku and Goeido picked up important fifth wins today, against Aoiyama and Kaisei, respectively.


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