Nagoya 2015, Day 1: Yokozuna survive, Goeido and Kotoshogiku fall (updated)

Nagoya did not get off to a great start for the ozeki. Both Kisenosato and Terunofuji escaped with wins after surviving scares. And both Goeido and kadoban Kotoshogiku lost fairly quickly and weakly to their lower-ranked maegashira opponents. Kisenosato was driven to the edge by Tochinoshin who was very nearly able to plop the senior ozeki outside the ring but Kisenosato managed to get a toe hold against the bales and throw the top maegashira out. Terunofuji nearly slipped in his ozeki debut but was able to recover and eventually got the upper hand against Aoiyama.

Hakuho certainly faced a strong challenge against Takarafuji. He was never really out of control or in danger but Takarafuji held on in a standoff for quite a while before Hakuho was able to force a yorikiri forceout. Harumafuji’s elbow injury seemed to be seriously aggravated in this Day 1 match against Myogiryu. After a strongly met tachiai, Myogiryu forced Harumafuji into a sliding retreat all the way to the straw bales. The yokozuna used the leverage to regain control and force the action to the other side of the ring where he barely prevailed with a throw at the opposite bales as he was going down. While the officials congregated for a monoii, he could be seen clearly grimacing and nursing the elbow. Kakuryu saw off Ichinojo rather convincingly in his return.

Updated: Selected recaps from earlier matches below.

Satoyama impressed by getting a great, technical win against Takanoiwa. 5 kilos and 15 centimeters smaller than even Amuru, it’s always good to see technique and guile persevere over size. Seiro lost his makuuchi debut three times after two bizarre late “matta”. Hidenoumi weathered a blistering, aggressive, nodo-wa neck assault from Kotoyuki to pick up his first makuuchi win.

Endo looks to be back. He maintained great grip and position against Kyokutenho, getting a hard fought yorikiri win. Amuru bulled through a listless Tokitenku. Oosunaarashi’s shoulder injury may continue to hamper his performance this basho. He fought aggressively and well from the outset but Sadanofuji was able to quickly turn the tables by locking the Egyptian’s right shoulder and forcing him down. Afterward, Oosunaarashi was openly nursing his heavily taped left shoulder after landing on it awkwardly.

Aminishiki couldn’t get a grip or any position against Kaisei who was able to throw him off the dohyo into the crowd. Ikioi met Tochiozan well, and fought hard despite a bloodied nose. However, Tochiozan was continually able to control the center of the ring and a few times very nearly spun Ikioi completely around, eventually chasing him out of the ring.


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