May Tournament, Day 4: All Ozeki Crash Out

Harumafuji lost to Sadanoumi, who is now the top undefeated wrestler. They had a quick first match but after a  questionable mono-ii the judges ordered a rematch. The resulting rematch was even less decisive but was given to Sadanoumi as he had dodged Harumafuji’s lunge. Both wrestlers ended up falling out at about the same time. On the other hand, Hakuho was decisive as usual. He blasted Toyonofuji off the dohyo.

Terunofuji has had some epic staredowns this tournament. Day 2, Oosunaarashi and Day 4, Ichinojo. Oosunaarashi pulled off the UINO, upset-in-name-only, as Goeido had nothing. None of the Ozeki showed up today. Kotoshogiku dropped one to a henka from Aminishiki. Lastly, Kisenosato fell to Tochinoshin, who picked up his first win.

Left undefeated: Sadanoumi, Takayasu, Kaisei, Amuru

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