May Tournament Day 2: Hakuho One Back (sorry, I don’t often get to say that!)

Well, back on target. Myogiryu was the only sanyaku wrestler to lose. The biggest challenge was probably Tochinoshin against Harumafuji. The yokozuna gives up 30kg according to the Sumo Kyokai website but his skill is clearly on a different level. Tochinoshin and Ichinojo were able to leverage their size in the last tournament, securing kinboshi. This time, though, Harumafuji demonstrated amazing balance and power. Grappling mostly to a stalemate, it looked like Tochinoshin got the upper hand when he secured a double hand grip on Harumafuji’s belt. But Fujis* fought back. He was able to tip them up onto one leg and then through the maegashira. It’s an impressive win and worth watching the video multiple times.

Screenshot (81)

Endo needs to recuperate. He did better today but as soon as he started moving backwards, it was like he was running away from Takayasu. Chiyootori forfeited today and is hopefully resting that knee until September, and Sadanoumi benefited moving to 2-0. Ikioi got a good win on a rematch. Oosunaarashi looked strong against Terunofuji but the Mongolian is on a different level right now and he was able to lift the Egyptian out.

* The nickname is from my daughter. She’s 2 1/2 and loves Harumafuji. I’ll get video when she wrestles her brother. It’s awesome.


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