on the May Banzuke

I’m a big fan of this site – and it helps me to try to keep up with my French. It’s difficult to find much positive sumo coverage in English so it’s good to try to learn more about other sumo fans around the world. Anyway, I know there are a lot of Europeans and some French visitors to this blog so I hope you get to enjoy this site as well.

5 thoughts on “ on the May Banzuke

  1. Hello,

    I’m Yohann from Dosukoi. Thanks a lot for your article. I regularly read your blog and I hope one day we can do some things together (partnership, work on projects, etc.) because our sites are quite complementary.

    See you soon, you make a great job! :)

  2. ‘It’s difficult to find much positive sumo coverage in English’ – would that be a reference to the doomsayers at by any chance ;)

    • LOL, no. It was intended as a reference to the news, and my local news in particular, since the only time they’ve mentioned anything about sumo was when the rikishi-in-airplane photo went viral. The whole “sumo = fat guys” stereotype is tired. 10 years ago that was the NFL stereotype, too. Now those sycophants freak out if they get an interview w/ RGIII. Anyway, I discovered sumotalk last month. I checked it out a few times but as a troll on many news sites, I tend to stay away from internet forums – they’re exhausting. I just miss the days when Larry Biel had his late night sumo show on ESPN. Akebono vs. Takanohana was awesome.

  3. Yeah, it would be nice to get some decent mainstream coverage here in the UK too. There used to be a show on Channel Four with commentary by legendary Shakespearean actor Brian Blessed (of Flash Gordon and Phantom Menace fame) in the late 80’s, but nothing since then.


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