Tochinosato Retirement

Tochinosato had his 断髪式 (danpatsushiki) hair-cutting ceremony, Yahoo! Japan reports. His debut was in 2008 and reached his highest rank, Makushita 4 in September 2012. This is right at the cusp of becoming a sekitori in Juryo but unfortunately a foot and neck injury set him back. After missing two tournaments and dropping into Sandanme, he was able to get back into Makushita but never got close enough to compete for Juryo promotion.

He’s a graduate of the same high school as Endo and is a product of the Kasugano stable, whose master is Tochinowaka. (Not the same Tochinowaka who retired earlier this year, but yes, also from the same stable.) This is the same stable as very successful rikishi, Tochiozan, Aoiyama, and Tochinoshin. He hopes to stay in sumo as a coach.


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