Sumo Kyokai Posts Bout Highlights

I thought you all would be interested to watch some of the highlight videos posted by the Sumo Kyokai. Click on the “Details” link under Match details for the video. There are highlights from several of the big matches, like Harumafuji’s losses to Ichinojo and Tochinoshin. Surprisingly, Aminishiki’s loss to Tokushoryu is here and they’ve edited out the aftermath of the injury. Aminishiki goes down and winces in pain and then it cuts to Tokushoryu collecting his bounty. Terunofuji’s loss to Kaisei is here, too. It’s just odd that it seems Terunofuji put up little resistance. He probably wishes he could get that match back. My favorite, though, is the one below…the marquee yokozuna matchup on day 15 with Hakuho’s title on the line:


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