March Tournament 2015: Day 4

All of the yokozuna and ozeki won. Hakuho had a quick, impressive win over Ichinojo. Hakuho truly is on his own level of this sport. Yesterday, Harumafuji had no response for his compatriot’s size but Hakuho got an Kisenosato advanced to 2-2 by getting a good two-handed belt grip and using that leverage to pick up Takarafuji and putting him over the edge. Likewise, Harumafuji dispatched Sadanoumi in a second with a quick left-handed belt grip and throw.

Goeido got an easy win over Tochiozan. It seemed that as Tochiozan retreated after the tachiai, he just accidentally stepped out. Kotoshogiku moved to 4-0 with his win over Myogiryu and Kisenosato moved back to a .500 record with his win over Takarafuji.

Terunofuji is on fire. In an exciting, energetic match, he got the oshidashi force out victory over the winless Takekaze. Endo got an impressive win against Aoiyama to move to 3-1. Aoiyama had a knee brace on his left knee so when Endo went low, he didn’t have much chance to counter. All of my other faves in the lower ranks won, and Osunaarashi, Ikioi, and Gagamaru all stand at 2-2.

Again, thank you to Jason and Kintamayama for the videos.


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