March tournament: Day 3

The biggest move today was Ichinojo’s defeat of Harumafuji. Harumafuji was just unable to get any kind of grip on Ichinojo’s belt or account for his size. Eventually, the Maegashira worked him to the straw bales and pushed him out on his butt, claiming his second kinboshi. As for the yokozuna, he came real close to getting a salt enema (you won’t find that kind of commentary anywhere else!). Hakuho quickly got Tochiozan off balance and won easily.

Near Salt Enema
Near Salt Enema

All ozeki got wins in one-sided matches. Kotoshogiku made quick work of Takarafuji but needs to be careful with his balance. He would have been vulnerable to a nimbler rikishi. Kisenosato didn’t need a belt grip to steadily work Sadanoumi over the edge. Goeido worked his way to Okinoumi’s right side and was able to win with a quick throw.

The bout-of-the-day had to be Aminishiki’s perseverance over Tochinoshin. Each had opposing belt grips and took a few turns spinning the other around the ring. Aminishiki finally got the throw victory but not without cost as he fell out of the ring, landed awkwardly on his head, and staggered a bit as he walked back to claim his kensho-kin. Hopefully he’ll be okay tomorrow.

Aminishiki’s throw was impressive and the bout was great, but the throw-of-the-day was certainly Terunofuji’s authoritative uwatenage against Tamawashi. It always impresses me when these guys are able to throw 300-lb opponents like they’re kids.

Ikioi lost a slapfest as he tried to duck low but lost his balance and rolled to a loss. Osunaarashi landed hard again on his backside in his first loss to Yoshikaze. Endo and Gagamaru both got quick, dominant oshidashi force-out wins over hapless opponents.


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