March Tournament 2015: Day 2

Harumafuji wanted to end Tochiozan’s slow pre-tachiai ritual. He normally plants the balls of his feet and twists his heels to the center three times…kinda like a slow-mo, fat Dorothy. Well, Harumafuji may have put an end to Dorothy. He did not want to wait and just plowed into Tochi from Kochi. After giving him a little unnecessary extra shove, seems to taunt him a bit more, like, “What are you gonna do?” Uncharacteristically unsportsmanlike but I like the attitude. He’ll need that fire to beat Hakuho.

Screenshot (55)

Sadanoumi held his own for a few seconds and forced Hakuho back but once the yokozuna got the two-handed belt grip, he tossed Sadanoumi like a bag of rice.

The biggest move today was Kisenosato’s second straight loss to start the basho. He lost to Myogiryu and is all but out of it. The ozeki had no shot. He tried to go for a belt grip and then a neck throw but Myogiryu kept his balance and with head down pushed Kisenosato off the dohyo. If he’s injured, I wouldn’t be surprised if he pulls out of the tournament early to recover so he can come back full speed in May. If he’s not, he needs to buckle down and charge into his opponents if he hopes to get 10 or 11 wins.

Goeido, meanwhile, looked dominant against Takayasu. He was able to withstand Takayasu’s charge, maneuver to the side and throw the Maegashira. Kotoshogiku has so much power in his legs. He polished off Komusubi Tamawashi with his patented jack-rabbit thrust out.

Yay! Ikioi got his first victory since beating Endo in January. Unfortunately, it came against Osunaarashi who I usually pull for. Osunaarashi tried his aggressive slapping and landed one good blow but Ikioi pressed on and bulled straight through to push him over the edge. Ikioi was visibly happy, winning in front of the home town crowd.

Ichinojo fell to Tochinoshin after a rather uninspired tachiai. It seemed both just wanted to go for the belt and the Georgian was able to get a better grip and lifted Ichinojo over the edge.


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