Hatsubasho 2015: Day 11

NO!!! Harumafuji goes low against Aoiyama but the Bulgarian responds by getting his arms on Harumafuji’s head and shoving the yokozuna to the dohyo. This is a cruel, cruel world.

Aoiyama needs to win out to get kachi-koshi but at least gets to ruin Harumafuji’s title hopes. He has Ikioi tomorrow, who despite the 1-10 record, comes to work every day and gives 100%. I could easily see him playing spoiler to Aoiyama’s spoiler. Karma’s a bitch.

Hakuho has nearly gone down to two hatakikomi attacks but is still perfect, now with a two match lead, after dominating Goeido today. Goeido just looks lost against the upper-sanyaku wrestlers. He had nothing against the super-zuna.

As for the junior yokozuna, Kakuryu (8-3) is out of the running as he fell to the jack-rabbit, Kotoshogiku (8-3). With the win, Kotoshogiku saves his ozeki status. The last ozeki, Kisenosato, survived a scare against Aminishiki and stays in contention with a 9-2 record. An ill-timed kick attempt caught nothing but air. Off-balance both rikishi stumbled to the opposite side of the dohyo where Aminishiki tumbled out first.

In the day’s most exciting bout, Tochinoshin beat Ichinojo with a well-timed, clever push to the knee. The name of the winning technique, or kimarite, is uchimuso. The bout was a very even with both wrestlers getting solid grips on their opponent’s belt but Tochinoshin saw an opening as Ichinojo was shifting his weight to his left. As he did so, Tochinoshin’s hand knocked the Mongolian off balance and his left leg lost purchase in the clay.

Endo picked up his eighth loss, officially securing a losing record, against Tochiozan. He’ll bounce back next tournament. I do think it’s a good sign that he is developing. His matches, even against Hakuho, have been very exciting but he’s not ready to compete with top makuuchi opponents every day.


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