Hatsubasho 2015: Day 8

Hak dispatches Aminishiki
Hak dispatches Aminishiki

Aminishiki (5-3) has been impressive but after a strong tachiai and quick grapple, Hakuho (8-0) side-stepped the charging maegashira and sent him sprawling off the dohyo. Nothing fancy about Harumafuji’s attack against Kaisei today. He went straight for the throat and the Brazilian could do nothing but retreat. Harumafuji stays one loss off pace at 7-1 while Kaisei drops to 4-4. Kakuryu fought off the hard-charging Aoiyama for his sixth win (6-2).

Kisenosato quickly dispatched fellow ozeki Goeido to stay in contention at 7-1. Goeido’s (4-4) going to have a tough time this week and I’d put his odds at staying ozeki at 1 in 5. Kotoshogiku’s jack-rabbit thrusts bounced Tochinoshin, convincingly. Being kadoban lights an extra fire under Kotoshogiku and he produces.

Sadanoumi avoided Oosunaarashi’s blistering attack but still succumbed to a yorikiri force out, basically clinging on for dear life while the Egyptian dropped him off the side. Given Oosunaarashi’s condition, I wouldn’t be surprised if he picks up his winning record in two days and then drops out of the tournament to give his legs some rest. He’ll maintain his position in the banzuke and hopefully give his knees time to heal. If this is a chronic thing instead of temporary, I don’t see how his career will last much longer.


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