Hatsubasho 2015: Day 5 Preview

A short preview of some of tomorrow’s high-level matchups:

My bout to watch for tomorrow is Endo vs. Jokoryu. Jokoryu has not yet lost to Endo but Endo has been much more competitive against strong opponents this week…except for Harumafuji today. I’m eager to see Aoiyama bounce back from his two losses but it will be very hard against Kisenosato and I think the ozeki will prevail. I’m looking for Tochinoshin to get his first win against the much smaller Goeido.

Hakuho faces Ikioi who has yet to present any real competition to sanyaku opponents. He always gives everything. Harumafuji will face a test against Tochiozan as he scored a gold star in November off Harumafuji. And the yokozuna will want to stay in contention for this tournament. He needs to keep winning this week so he will be competitive when the ozekis and yokozunas go head-to-head. Kakuryu will have his hands full with Terunofuji. If there’s one upset this tournament, I hope it’s this one though history does not bode well. Kakuryu has won both previous meetings with Terunofuji.


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