Shingles to Sideline Ichinojo in Kyushu?

Ichinojo may miss the Kyushu tournament due to shingles. It’s kind of funny this would happen now because on TV here in the States there’s been a rash of shingles medication commercials. Pun obviously intended.

They’ve been saying it’s due to stress. I do wish NHK and everyone would lay off. If he’s good, cool. But he’s not a yokozuna until he’s a yokozuna. And he’s not going to be able to henka his way there. Where’s Endo been since his first great tournament? Yes, he’s raking in the cash – but lately his opponents have been walking away with more of it than he has. Even Osunaarashi has two kinboshi from the July tournament, but he has difficulty getting kachi-koshi if his opponents are prepared for his aggressiveness.

Ichinojo is a bit of an unknown quantity so until he’s consistently grabbing 10 victories per tournament, let’s hold off the coronation ceremony.


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