Hakuho survives – Fall Tournament, Day 10

Hakuho (10-0) survived a scare against Osunaarashi (4-6). Osunaarashi went for an early pull-down and got Hakuho onto one leg. The fact that he maintained his balance helps demonstrate just how good he is. He was able to regain his footing up against the straw bales and turn the tables on Osunaarashi. In other matches, Kakuryu (9-1) bounced back with a solid victory against Takekaze (5-5). Kisenosato (7-3) fell out of any hope at a championship as he got thrown by Terunofuji (5-5) after a long, patient bout. Kotoshogiku (6-4) aggressively took control in his win against fellow Ozeki Goeido (6-4).

Ichinojo (9-1) continues to impress, dispatching Yoshikaze (6-4) with apparent ease. Yoshikaze started with a slap attack that seemed to catch Ichinojo by surprise, but as soon as he went in to grapple…Ichinojo just threw him. Endo (1-9) was on the attack and seemed in control against Jokoryu (3-7) but Jokoryu was able to get the throw victory while retreating, catching Endo off balance. Endo fell to the dohyo long before Jokoryu landed in the first row of spectators. Ikioi (6-4) survived against a charging Aoiyama (5-5). Aoiyama was pummeling Ikioi, but Ikioi was somehow able to shove Aoiyama out for his sixth win.

Okinoumi won to move to 8-2 and the old guys, Aminishiki and Kyokutenho, continue to impress. Both improve to 7-3.



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