Ichiro Young – Wakaichiro


American Sumotori Takes a Shikona

Congratulations to Mr Ichiro Young, who has successfully entered the world of sumo! He will appear in the January tournament at the lowest division, Jonokuchi, and we look forward to following his progress over the years. His ring name is “Wakaichiro” (若一郎), or literally Young Ichiro.

More information from the Musashigawa Beya web site.

Ichiro Young – Kyushu Recruit


Tachiai is excited to report that Ichiro Young, from the great state of Texas, is competing in Kyushu. At the age of 18, he has been training with the Musashigawa Beya (武蔵川部屋), and is hoping to be accepted during Kyushu.

Mr Young has an American father, and a Japanese mother, and the riveted interest of US sumo fans and he works to join the ranks of sumo men. At present he has yet to take a shikona, but Ichiromaru or something with “Young” (Waka) are likely choices. His coach had this to say about him: “A fast dash, like a rocket. I want to make him do oshi-zumo.”

Seems he is reading a lot of Naruto manga to enhance his Japanese language skills, and training like a mad-man.


More info via the Japanese press here, here and here