Happy Birthday Yokozuna Kisenosato!


Japan’s Native-Born Grand Champion Turns 31

Tachiai sends warm congratulations to Kisenosato, who is truly an epic and amazing figure in the world of sumo. His unwavering dedication to his craft, and his immense pride in his role as Yokozuna is a testament to his love of the sport.

*Note – the above image is part of the new Kisenosato manga, documenting his life in sumo.

Happy Birthday Yokozuna Asahoryu!


The Retired 68th Yokozuna Marks His 36th Birthday

Tachiai would like to wish the retired Asashōryū a happy birthday. During his years as an active Yokozuna, he was a controversial figure in sumo, but he was usually a fierce competitor in the ring. He finished his reign with a worthy 25 yusho and 6 special prizes.

To celebrate his birthday, below is his dohyo-iri (ring entering ceremony) from 2007