Yokozuna Hakuho Kyujo For Haru

Hakuho Toe 2018

As expected, Hakuho’s big toe injury is still causing him problems, and in an abundance of caution, he has decided to not compete in Osaka’s Haru basho.  This is the first time in his career that he has been kyujo for two consecutive tournaments. He underwent surgery to repair this same toe in 2016, which caused him to miss the Aki basho.

While some fans may wonder why problems with a single toe might be cause to withdraw, in sumo all power is transmitted to the dohyo via the feet. The role of the toes, and most especially the “big toe” (or as the Japanese call it, the foot thumb) is crucial in maintaining balance while in motion.

This leaves Yokozuna Kakuryu as the only Yokozuna who will start the Haru basho.

We hope Hakuho is able to recover and re-join competition in May.

Hakuho Surgery Monday For Toe Injury


According to the Japan Times, Yokozuna Hakuho will undergo surgery to remove at least one bone chip from his right big toe. He will be hospitalized for a day. Also from the Times

He was also diagnosed with a damaged tendon and inflammation to his right ankle as well as left knee joint derangement, the certificate said.

“It aches when I sit in a ritual squat probably because (the bone chip) moves around inside,” Hakuho told reporters.

And that, dear readers, is why I am thankful he is sitting out the Aki basho. Cure the knee and we get to enjoy more Hakuho for years to come. Let it get worse, and it’s retirement for the Boss.