COVID Kyujo – Musashigawa?

We have yet another stable going kyujo because of a positive corona virus test.  This time none other than Musashigawa, the former stable of Tachiai favorite Wakaichiro.  Their withdrawal puts 16 more rikishi on the sideline, and raises the question of how many more stables already are incubating cases of corona virus and will have to withdraw from competition. In fact, the kyujo was not announced until later in the day, and several of the Musashigawa rikishi had already fought their matches.

4 thoughts on “COVID Kyujo – Musashigawa?

    • Not surprising given that the latest COVID variants are more infectuous and there are less restrictions on things. At this point, I’m hoping we actually get to finish the basho. Fingers crossed.

  1. How many stables and wrestlers are out now? I know so many people who have gotten the new variant, it’s spreading so quickly


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