March Banzuke Posted

The starter’s gun for the Osaka basho has sounded, when the Haru banzuke was published early Monday morning in Tokyo. It comes as no surprise to Team Tachiai that our own lksumo has once again scored many direct calls on the new rating sheet. Well done sir!

Some highlights

  • First appearance of Mitakeumi at the rank of Ozeki, showing up as O2w.
  • Kadoban twins Shodai and Takakeisho share O1e / O1w
  • Wakatakakage making a debut at Sekiwake 1e – Big up to him
  • Abi back in san’yaku, taking up a new career-high rank of S1w – hell, that didn’t take long at all. kadoban Ozeki, prepare your countermeasures to Abi-zumo now. You may need it
  • Hoshoryu makes his san’yaku debut, at Komusubi 1w – going to be a big challenge for him, but he’s taking a nice, incremental path upward.
  • Ura at Maegashira 1w, his highest ever rank
  • Ishiura at Maegashira 5w, his highest ever rank
  • Kotoshoho, after taking the Juryo yusho, he blasts his way back into the top division at Maegashira 14e
  • Kotokuzan joins the top division at M16w, he had an excellent 10-5 finish in January, and we hope he can keep it going in Osaka.
  • Nishikigi’s 9-6 January finish was enough to put him at Maegashira 16e, his first top division ranking since July of 2020.

Feel free to include your favorite in the comments. We are quite excited that the next tournament is less than 2 weeks away.

11 thoughts on “March Banzuke Posted

  1. Small correction: Abi has never been Sekiwake before. His highest rank has been Komusubi thus far.

  2. The most excited I’ve been about a basho since the one Hakuho won. So many things going on this one, Teru finally having a good rival? Mita ozeki, a couple of kadobans, Abi and Hoshoryu on top and the greatest rikishi in the history of sport, ishiura, at his highest rank? Henka your way yo the yusho Ishi!!!

    Can’t wait really.

  3. I‘m disappointed that they didn’t promote Ura to Sanyaku. All the others, despite of Hoshoryu lost and it’s the second bad treatment after denying him a special price at his comeback to makuuchi. Don’t really understand that.

    • 11-4 at M6 is a significantly stronger performance than 8-7 at M2; much as I love Ura, given those records, it would have been quite an upset for him to make it over Hoshoryu.

  4. While I am happy to see my favorite at his highest rank, I am also nervous. Ishiura usually does not do well when he is higher than M9W/M10E.

    Delighted to see Ura at M1. Looking forward to him making a charge at the Sanyaku. He has the skill, if his knees will hold out. — Stay healthy sweety.

    Glad that Tochinoshin has at least one more basho in Makuuchi. I hope he can hang just a bit longer. I’ve grown fond of him.

    Not happy to see Enho drop to J11. What is going on with our Flea?


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