Banzuke Weekend!

The world has gone mad, and Twitter and Facebook have become a cesspit of doom. But fear not dear readers, it’s Banzuke Weekend! We expect the March ranking sheet on Sunday US time, and its the first big even on the road to Osaka, and there are many stories waiting to unfold.

Will Omicron, which is still rattling around the stables, put a dent in participation? Will Terunofuji’s hospitalization impact the lone Yokozuna’s sumo? With both veteran Ozeki kadoban, will they be able to overcome shin-Ozeki Mitakeumi? We could / should see Abi return to the named ranks this tournament, is Abi-zumo 2.0 ready for the big fights?

If you want to see Tachiai’s guess on the banzuke, check out lksumo’s always insightful analysis here.

It’s almost sumo time again, fans, here we go!

4 thoughts on “Banzuke Weekend!

  1. Tonight, on NHK World, is a documentary about Hakuho:

    20 Years of Glory: Yokozuna Hakuho

    In 2001, a 15-year-old Mongolian knocked on the door of traditional sumo wrestling in Japan. After 20 years, 69th Yokozuna Hakuho held many of the biggest records in professional sumo, including 45 championships and 1,187 career wins. How did Hakuho overcome tough competition and climb to the top rank, with so many unprecedented achievements? We look back on the highlights of the great grand champion and his deep affection for sumo.

    Broadcast In: EnglishDuration: 0:49:00

    In my time zone, which is Eastern Standard Time, it’s shown at 11:10PM today, and three times tomorrow:

    6:10am, 02/27/2022 | NHK
    11:10am, 02/27/2022 | NHK
    6:10pm, 02/27/2022 | NHK


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