Kyushu Basho (Video) Podcast – Part 2

Josh, Andy and Bruce return to discuss the upcoming tournament in Fukuoka, who we are watching closely this time, and of course our always regrettable predictions. We discuss shin-komusubi Kiribayama, September Jun-yusho winner Myogiryu, the return of “Big Guns” Shohozan, The return of Abi, and the sekitori premier of Hakuho’s giant deshi Hokuseiho. It’s 25 minutes of your life you will never get back, so why not spend it with us?

Yes, Bruce makes a mistake involving Enho….

9 thoughts on “Kyushu Basho (Video) Podcast – Part 2

  1. I hope Andy does his jonokuchi reports again. Last time I confidently predicted that Mifuneyama absolutely, positively COULD NOT LOSE… and then he lost to Setonoumi. I’ve got some similarly ill-informed ideas about who will be “King of the Basement” in Kyushu, but I’ll save them for now.

    • I will be. :) I’m pretty eager to see this class in action. I think I will include Reiho with this group.

      • I was thinking that Goseiryu might have a chance until I discovered this startling stat: no wrestler ranked at Jonokuchi 1 East has won the yusho in more than 30 years.

  2. Mygoiryu after that last loss… It always amazes me how disappointed these guys look when they get eliminated, considering that they’re never thinking about the yusho and always just taking it 1 day at a time doing their own brand of sumo. Right?


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