Podcast Bumper Music Refresh

To all who take the time to listen to or watch our podcasts. We received a copyright warning for our bumper music. It is a short clip from Kitaro’s “Matsuri” track from his Kojiki album. Much as with photos, if there were some way I could pay Kitaro to use that track, I would, but our modern world is focused more on penalty than compensation, so I can find no way for us to use it legitimately.

Now, I believe that artists should be paid for their work, and seeing as we were called on it, it was time to stop using it. For reasons few can explain, I am in possession of a veritable arsenal of music equipment from a prior stage of my life. Armed with that, it was time to create.

Below is the new bumper music which will be featured in our videos and podcasts from this time forward.

11 thoughts on “Podcast Bumper Music Refresh

  1. Nice job on the new one. I LOVED the old one, though. Surprised that it was noticed by whoever files those warnings? It is indeed too bad there isn’t a way to get permission.

  2. Not bad, Bruce…not bad. It sounded just fine to me. And you did this yourself?! You are one talented, dude! …HA HA!..

  3. Great creative solution to pettifogging rules. I’d say more fun than the original. How about some of the different sumo drum calls!

  4. Oooh very nice indeed.

    I’d love to have your very nicely done bumper as a ring tone on my phone.

    Just sayin, it’s that cool. 😎
    Do it do it do it do it.


  5. Bruce says: “our modern world is focused more on penalty than compensation”

    Whenever Private Eye (British satire magazine) get a letter from a lawyers demanding compensation for some imagined slur or infringement, they always print it… The sting is that they print it under the heading “What a pathetic way to make a living”.

    Well done on the new music. Hugely impressed, does the H in Bruce H stand for “Hallmighty”?


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