Tachiai Aki (video) Podcast

Its time for Josh, Andy and Bruce to take the YouTube to discuss the upcoming September tournament. We discuss

  • Promotions and Demotions
  • The likely kyujo of Yokozuna Hakuho (and maybe Kakuryu, too)
  • The pressure that puts on Ozeki 1E Asanoyama
  • That 3rd Sekiwake slot that Daiesho picked up, albeit with fusen-sho / forfeit wins.
  • Terunofuji’s rise from the last slot in the top division to leader of the rank and file.
  • The return of Ichinojo
  • Plus a surprisingly busy roster of sumo news

Sit back, relax and enjoy our September broadcast!

9 thoughts on “Tachiai Aki (video) Podcast

  1. I think it’s Asanoyama’s to lose with both Yokozuna hurting. And as much as I like Ichinojo, having watched all of juryo last tournament I think it would be less shocking if it was Meisei. I’m not about to predict a Meisei basho or whatever, but I wouldn’t be surprised at all if he hit 10 wins here if he can wrestle like he did in July.

    I keep saying “Hoshoryu needs to get a bit stronger” and he just keeps putting bigger guys on their ass.

  2. Bruce, if Takakeisho wins this one I will build a Takakeisho shrine and post photos to prove it.

    On the theory that you should never bet against the best horse left in the race (even if it has strapping on its legs) I am going for Terunofuji.

  3. Great podcast (as always).

    If both Yokozuna are out, then the only guys to have won more one than top division yusho will be Terunofuji and Mitakeumi. So I guess we should take Mitakeumi’s chances pretty seriously, especially given how good he looked last time out. I would make him joint favourite with Asanoyama, even if Kakuryu ends up competing.

    • I wonder if he is. The okamisan is still there, and I don’t know whether they got her to relinquish the keys to the pantry (which she only entrusted with two of the rikishi), whether they found a source for new rice, and whether there is someone other than her interacting with gift-bearing supporters.

  4. You may laugh at the prospect of an Ichinojo yusho, but he replies:

    “Stop. I have learned much from you. Thank you, my teachers. And now for your education. Before there was time, before there was anything, there was nothing. And before there was nothing, there were monsters. Here’s your gold star”.

  5. Can team tachiai host a Jason’s sumo channel style contest? Pick 5 wrestlers from selected ranks and compete 4 most wins? Its pretty simple and a lot of fun


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