Aki Banzuke Weekend

Its Aki banzuke weekend, and the excitement is ramping up at Tachiai! So many interesting topics came out of July’s tournament in Tokyo, and frankly I can’t wait for Sunday afternoon US time for the new ranks to be announced. Tachiai will be following it all, and yes dear followers, this time there will be podcasts to discuss.

Sum is back, and it looks like so am I! If you want top flight forecasting on how the ranks will turn out, our very own lksumo has you covered with the top division, and Juryo ranks.

So put a bottle of fine sake in the fridge, stock up on the rice crackers and buckle up as we count the days to the start of Aki.

2 thoughts on “Aki Banzuke Weekend

  1. 9 pm UK tine and all shall be revealed. Will Daieisho get the elusive third sekiwake slot? Where on earth (or any conveniently terraformed planet) will Terunofuji land? What will be the fate of the eternal meh-gashira Kagayaki and Sadanoumi? Will Nishikigi, Shohozan and Ikioi survive? And what will they do with the resurgent ex-ozeki. My cat Bob is intently focused on the progress of Takayasu, as they share the characteristics of being huge, dark, hairy and grim of aspect.


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