Kamito who ?

It’s surely a great thing to discuss about Abi’s scandal(s), Ura and Terunofuji’s renaissance, or the future of both ozeki.

But this time, I’d like to dedicate a small article on Kamito Daiki.

Kamito who?

Kamito Daiki turns 25 today. He’s born in the Nagasaki region, and belongs to Tatsunami beya – the one that saw three rikishi facing each other in July’s crazy juryo playoff, namely Meisei, Hoshoryu and Akua.

Kamito entered maezumo in March 2017, and slowly rose through the ranks (thanks to a bunch of 4-3 records). In injured himself in September 2019, while ranked at his career best, makushita 45. He struggled to regain full fitness and went down to sandanme. But Kamito is now back on track, having just achieved a remarkable 6-1 record ranked makushita 55 – he should get a spot around makushita 25, in September. Not quite within reach of the salaried ranks, but he’s coming close to it.

He is quite a small wrestler (175 cm for 117 kg), and is an ochi wrestler.

Happy birthday, Kamito Daiki (right) !

I wish him all the best for his twenty fifth birthday!

It was certainly worth writting a few lines about him. After all, we’re perhaps discussing about a future san’yaku guy?

9 thoughts on “Kamito who ?

  1. They are getting smaller and smaller. I wonder whether Takanohana II had been from this generation then he would have stayed at a lower weight and saved his back.

    • Judging by his photo, he is a lot more than 117kg. That was his weight on his debut. Rikishi weights are actually on the rise.

      • I was referring to Takanohana’s fighting weight. He fought at nearly 350 lb. Hakuho is 3 inches taller but fights with a lower weight. We had Konishiki and Akebono back then who raised the averages significantly. Ichi”ice cream”nojo has dropped weight and division. Terenofuji has lost weight. We are overrun by pixies – Enho, Terutsuyoshi, Ishiura, I think average and median rikishi weights in the Makunouchi is dropping.

        • Factually, that’s not true. They keep rising. With rikishi like Asanoyama and Mitakeumi in the 170s, the two pixies in Makuuchi don’t make that much of an impression on the average.

  2. not sure what you see in this guy. There are much more interesting guys down here. Murata for example.

  3. I wonder if this lad is due for a proper shikona. Tatsunami are pretty loose on their naming policy so any suggestions? Tamanonami would be pretty good.

    • Kataonami oyakata would probably have a thing or two to say about that if he were capable of bringing in new recruits…..!

      They dabble in given names a little bit …. maybe Daikinonami?

      IMHO, I think we’re probably not discussing a “future san’yaku guy” and the likelihood is not even a Juryo guy (his stablemate Kitadaichi might have a better shot eventually), but always useful to explore notable developments downstream.


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