Yokozuna Hakuho Withdraws From July Tokyo Basho

Following his day 12 loss to Mitakeumi, Yokozuna Hakuho has withdrawn from the July Tokyo basho, citing injury to his right knee. As reported by Inside Sport Japan a short time ago:

His day 13 opponent was Shodai, who will will improve to 10-3. Does this mean that Shodai is on an Ozeki run? Hard to say if they will count a fusensho as one of his wins, but hey – it’s Shodai.

We hope “The Boss” can heal up and return to action for the next tournament, whenever that may be.

11 thoughts on “Yokozuna Hakuho Withdraws From July Tokyo Basho

  1. I’m not at all surprised that he decided to withdraw. And I’m not going to be surprised if we don’t see him in September, if September happens. I was really looking forward to seeing the bout between him and Asanoyama this basho. I wonder when or if we’ll see them fight again.

  2. Asanoyama’s Ozeki run included two fusensho among his 32 wins, so this shouldn’t count against Shodai should he muster a run over the next two tournaments.

    • Do you think they will hold Shodai to a higher requirement than Mitakeumi? Mitakeumi has been a sanyaku mainstay for a couple of years, and had yusho to his name, so I would have thought 32 or even 31 wins might do it. Shodai on the other hand is on a hot streak after struggling for a while so I reckon they will want strong evidence he’s going to be an effective Ozeki, a bit like when Takakeisho had to wait a tournament

      • He’s been Sekiwake before, and a joi regular, so I don’t think Takakeisho’s example applies. For the 8-7 last time to count, he’ll have to really run up the score this time and next, but it’s not that uncommon: among fairly recent examples, Musashimaru, Kaio, and Terunofuji all got promoted after 8-7 followed by two basho with a total of 25 wins.

  3. Hakuho was looking so strong. It was clear the skipped basho did him a world of good. Sorry to see The Boss injured.

  4. Damn, I was really looking forward to a senshuraku title showdown, young pretender vs old master, a bit like in Return of the Jedi

  5. sorry, but this guy is a part-time joke.

    when he sailed out of the ring, he jumped on his feet very quickly, no sign of any injury. he was just pissed off. but then he realized that he needs to start his show and started smurfing around the ring as if an asteroid had just hit him.

    we have seen this too often, always after his second loss.

    this guy simply can‘t cope with losses.
    he may be the goat, but he lacks sportsmanship.
    quite a lot of …

    • And you know all of that from the YouTube video, right?
      Truth is we don’t know squat, whether he’s injured or not. I understand not liking the guy, I do, but why assuming all that crap..
      I agree with you tho, he cannot cope with losses. That’s what drove him to being the legend that he is.

  6. Well, he got his “yokozuna kachi-koshi,” to borrow from former-Harumafuji, so he may have figured why bother. Heck, once the yusho wasn’t guaranteed to be his, maybe he figured why risk bringing coronavirus home to his family, especially after Abi’s stunt put everyone at risk.


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